So I've decided and I'm letting go. I'm letting go of everything he's pulled me into. I'm turning my back to all I thought I had. I'm leaving him behind because I've finally found a reason to move on. Someone that's actually worth everything I thought Will was worth and yet more at the same time. I've had the feeling ever since last year, and it's this year that I've found not only the feelings grew, but I've discovered that the feelings weren't one sided.
His nickname by the few who know of my feelings towards him refer to him as Yellow. Yes, it is a code name. And no, he doesn't know about it. It was given to him by me because of his goalie gloves. He was on my soccer team this season and last season and he played goalie one half and wing the other half. He is amazing at both, although he claims I can't score on him.... But you know, whatever. His goalie gloves, well two of the fingers, are yellow on the back, giving him the nick-name, by me, of Yellow. I find it clever, but you know, that could just be me.
There was a swim party for the soccer players yesterday, and he made it apparent that he liked me. Sarah and Lizzy were out of town and Grace was 'too tired' to go, so he was the only one I could hang out with even if I didn't like him like that. But I am kind of glad they weren't there, not to be mean to any of you guys, it would've been weird because obviously I would have wanted to hang out with him, as I could hang with my best friends almost anyother time. On the lower side, I did get to thoroughly meet his little brother due to the fact that he wouldn't leave for the whole two hours of the party with the exception of one or two five minute breaks, and at the end when his dad told his brother to leave us alone whem there was about fifteen minutes left. The first thing his brother ever said to me, though, (in the first five minutes of him being there) was "Do you think I'm annoying?" In which case I replied with a simple, "I don't even know you." Ten minutes later I would've done just about anything to get him to go away (I came close to punching him a few times) because it turned out he was very annoying. But all in all, it was a happy ending, even though it could've been much, much better, I'm fine with it. Just the fact that I am now fully aware (I had the feeling starting from about our third soccer game this season) that it's mutual is honestly a blessing. Literally twice a day, at 11:11, I would wish that I knew. And now I do. Anna Lea, a girl thatI knew before she was on my soccer team, but has become a closer friend due to a lot of recent happenings was there watching. Yeah, it was kind of weird, but I didn't really mind. She asked me if he'd asked me out after he left, and after I told her he hadn't, she assured me that he would. I believe her because she's not one to lie about that kind of stuff. I did find it knd of weird though that she became so excited about the whole thing. She had talked to him while I was there and was embarised when she realized she was talking loud enough for me to hear what she was asking and began to talk softer, but she talked to me later when he wasn't there and asked if I liked him. When I replied yes, her eyes lit up as if it was the most amazing thing in the world. It was kind of cute, but anyways...


  1. I just found it odd how it was their dad that told his brother to leave.

    April Hornbuckle


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