I am Thoroughly Enjoying Musical Theatre

It's all due to pretty much one guy, and it's not the guy that was kind of freaking me out. No, this one is Dederick Anderson and he's amazing, not to mention has a good voice. He's one of the main reasons I enjoy walking into Musical Theatre because I always get a hug from him. Sometimes more. (He gives the best hugs. No lie.)Somehow, he always puts a smile on my face no matter what has happened earlier in the day, which why it's great to have it seventh period, the second to last period of the day. (And eighth period History with Mr. Lewey is always good, pairing it greatly with seventh period to create a fantastic way to end any day.)
People actually know my name. Often times when I walk in, they have to tell the teacher that I am here and instead of saying "The freshman is here", they now say "April is here." It's funny how simple things such as that make the experience that much better. Makes you think of the phrase 'What's in a name?'
We've received our things for the show we are performing as well. It's School House Rock and I have the feeling it's going to be great, although I missed the second practice because no one told me there were schedules or that there was a practice after the chamber choir auditions. The only reason I found out there was a practice was that they worked on the dance to the song Interjections in class the day after and everyone there knew it... except me. Joyful.
But overall, my whole freshman year has been pretty smooth, which is great. I just have the feeling something is going to come up and mess it up for a while. I'll be able to handle it though, because I'm mature enough to know how to.