Happy Times

After using a program that displayed the most used words on my blog (other than the common words like the, a, an, or, but, is, were, and, et cetera) I  realized that 'Cheyenne' had been one of my top words, and I was not proud of that. Although there is still stuff with her,  it doesn't necessarily involve me so  there is no reason for me going into it, especially here. She obviously won't change, and I'm accepting that. She's a cheater and a liar and one day it'll come back to her.
So, off the topic of her - hopefully for a long while - show choir season has begun and that's very exciting. Being in musical theatre has payed off for a lot more than just meeting a few new people, but also for being miles ahead of every other little freshman. For a high-schooler to teach us the dances,  one of them has to miss their first period class in order to come to the Freshman Center. So while I  know a lot of the dances from being in musical theatre,  freshman only know one dance. We learned the dance (well, actually, it's only half of the dance) to Soul Man last week (which was a complete wreck! It took them three days to get the dance to two verses and a repeating chorus. (keeping in mind that we still only learned half of it) It was such a simple dance, too.) for our auditions. There is supposed to be a list of everyone who made it by Friday, but I don't know how that is going to go. We are going to learn - well the rest of the freshman are going to learn - the dance to R-O-C-K in the U.S.A., an incredibly easy dance. I might die if these girls and boys have trouble with it. I don't think  some of the freshman realize show choir isn't fun and games. It's loads of fun, but it's work too! Sadly, the dances they know - or will know as of tomorrow - are incredibly easy compared to others we are doing, and you really have to work at it, and I don't think some of them see that.
Meeting Dederick has probably ended up being the highlight of my freshman year. I'd mentioned him once in a former post about musical theatre, but I haven't since then. He is a really sweet guy and still gives the best hugs in the world. We were in School House Rock  together and have been talking more ever since. We talk all the time - sometimes texting up until midnight or later. We aren't dating but Lizzy says we might as well be. I like him, he likes me, and we both know that, but one reason we aren't dating is because we don't see each other very much. We are in musical theatre and that's it. He's a junior, but that doesn't really matter. If you'd met me and then met him, most people wouldn't think about us liking each other, but we do. I was always okay with interracial relationships, but could never picture being in one... and then Dederick came along... no lie. He's black, but he is the whitest black guy anyone could know. Besides his skin being a darker color, he might as well be white. Dederick is just... amazing. Ugh, he makes me happy....
I've also auditioned for a local play. It's the first one I've done and it's Aladdin Jr. There are around five adults in it, my dad being one of them, and at least thirty kids. Lizzy and I both auditioned. Dederick did as well. Lizzy and I both could tell the moment after Dederick finished reading lines for the Genie character, that he could easily get the part because he was the best one that auditioned that day. Of course,  Daniel (shoot me) thought, as he always does, that his was superior. His was one of the worst...
Although Lizzy didn't make it, my brother, my dad and I both made the ensemble and - with no surprise, but much excitement - Dederick was cast for the role of Genie.