I'm a wreck right now

To say the least, I'm not doing so well. Mentally at least. I am worried. Maybe too much, bur still I am. That's me. Sorry for caring.
I trust Rhett. I just thought I would get that out there first thing.
Rhett and I are usually texting all the time. I don't have a phone but I recently got myself an iPod touch and there is an app for that. Whenever I have a wifi connection we are texting.
Yesterday, Saturday, we had planned to go to the skating rink at twelve. He told me as I was leaving the house to go that he couldn't be there at twelve. I quickly replied back that I'd be there if he could make it.
He never did make it there but that isn't what I am worried about. That's just a pre-story.
He sent me that text at 11:30. I got home around 5:30. I messaged him when I got home. He never replied. I sent another one an hour later and then again before I went to sleep. No reply. It's now 10:45 the next day and I still haven't heard from him. Yes, this bothers me. I'm out of the know. I'm worried. It's been almost 24 hours. I was up till 1 am worrying. This morning I had to make my mom believe I was physically sick because I could never explain to her how I am so messed up about this. I wasn't fit for going out in public. I didn't have the will power to put on a fake smile. I convinced her. So for the last four hours, I've been dozing in and out of sleep. Sleep is the only place I can really escape to. I guess not being able to dream does have it's good sides in times like this.


  1. He could've gotten grounded or broken his phone, darling.

  2. Getting grounded is unlike him. Yeah he could have but that's just another possibility to add to the list

  3. Ok, so if getting grounded is unlike him, if he broke his phone, more than likely he'll be able to get a new one soon.


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