What a Wonderful World

I find it amazing how well it's been going. Sure I was told we'd be good together from a few people but I didn't think it would be like this. He's better than I thought he was. I've learned so much about him yet none of it's anything bad or anything that bothers me. He's actually a really funny guy, which is a side of him I didn't get to know from soccer. Sure I had the feeling he was, I could see it in him everytime he gave people on the team high fives whenever coach would call out his name to play his next possistion before the game or during half time, weather it be defending our goal or helping put the ball In the other team's goal. He keeps it real but plays around at the same time. I still can't grasp that he actually likes me. He's the first person I've gone out with that wasn't in the same grade as me. I never had anything against it, although it did frighten me slightly when they are years apart. Such as a fouteen year old with an eighteen year old. It's rather bothersome to me. Although I know plenty of married people who are years older than that (like 50 and 30) but it isn't the same to me. I think younger aged people should have boundries on the people they allow themselves to date and stick with it. But now I am just running of topic.
I think the only thing I don't like about Rhett is that he goes to a different school, which might I add is in no way wrong. Of course things would be easier did but that's just a fact of life. Things could always be easier but it's when you are able to live with the forces that you can't change that makes everything worth while.

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