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I suppose there is a reason for me not having anything to say in a longer while then the normal wait between my posts, which I've found to be longer then they used to be. But then again, my reason isn't very usable if I think about it. My life has been rather busy as I've been babysitting a rambonxious six year old girl Monday through Friday from 9 to 4 for the last six weeks. Hopefully I'll have almost a whole week off this coming week. If she likes the cheer camp then I will only have to babysit her on Monday, giving me a much needed break.
My reason for not posting is not having very interesting things to write about. Sure, I've had a lot of fun with two specific friends recently, but I'm not one to simply post everything I do. "Oh! I went to the Marriot park! I had a lot of fun!" or "I went to Point Mallard! What a blast!" No, I think I'll pass on that. It's not like me. Sure, I did enjoy my time spent with Latosha and Sarah Counts, but that is beside the point, but really, there is no point, other than the fact that I don't do the small posts. Not anymore. When I was foolish and had just made my blog as a fifth grader, I didn't have the skills, patients, or tales/experience to create posts as I do now. Toss up some shorter sentences with less complicated words, add in a few gramatical mistakes and sprinkle in some spelling errors, and you'd recieve something of what I used to be. I would most definitely say I've made progress and I can say that I am proud of my work and everything I write. It's a piece of me, a part of who I am, an expression of what I feel. It's something that I can be proud of. I can say, "I wrote that."

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