Time to get my mustard and catch-up

I do have to say I am a fan of the new blogger layout. The other ones were beginning to bore me, though I'd like to think I was doing a good job in keeping mine interesting, but that task is a lot easier now, and more enticing if I do say so myself.
Anyways, a lot has gone on since I've posted my last post. [I read over my last posts to see where I was and it felt like I was reading a whole different part of my life. I was friend deprived, but not anymore.] Shoot, we've even begun a-whole-nother year! We've entered the realm of 2010. Oh great....
I had a New Year's party on the first. Do I dare say that was a lot of fun? I think I do. Lots of people came, though not everyone that I wanted. Some where out of town and some simple couldn't make it, but it was still a god time.
I also began role playing again. I role-played before but the site I was on kind of died. I guess you could say all the people went back to school and couldn't find the time to enter their next post. I started role playing again in a different website. It has multiple things to do besides role playing, which is another reason I like it, but the people there aren't very original and their posts are barely worth a dirty sock, so as I was looking for a picture for one of the RPs, I found another website and I do have to say, I enjoy it much more. They have original thread topics and great RPers in general. [of course there will always be those few frayed threads that think they are really something, but you learn to live with them.]
Probably the biggest piece of news out of this post is that my best friend applied and made it into a boarding school. Her and I have always wanted to board, and she got the chance to try to get into one. She went to tryouts and they sent her the letter [at first it was someone else's letter!] of acceptance to a school in Birmingham known as the Alabama School of Fine Arts. Of course, she is entering under the major of creative writing and is probably leaving next year to go for her whole high school years. I am excited for her, but at the same time don't want her to go. Haha she's my best friend. What did you expect?
I am trying to convince my mother to let me apply. The price is totally reasonable and I've wanted to board since God-knows-when. But she says she isn't ready to 'let me go yet.' and that 'I am too young to be away from home.'
Trust me mom, I can make it. The question is can YOU?
Sorry, I get a little worked up over things like that. I guess you could say I'm not a big fan of my mother. She is the slightly over-protective kind of person. She'll wait in the lobby with my friends until the last person shows up and we walk into the theatre. It's rather aggravating... Latosha, Amberleigh, and I  know that well.
But all in all, my life has been rather well. I few falls here and there [such as having a 'friend' commit suicide. I call him a 'friend' because I didn't really know him. He was in the grade below me. I know a lot of people that knew him and were really shook up about it. Finding out he took his life at school on a Tuesday after getting out Monday for three and a half inches of snow [which is a lot here] isn't the greatest way to start the week. Needless to say that was a rough week for everyone, some more than others. Snow isn't very exciting to me anymore.] but over all, it's been good. Exciting stuff has happened too. I don't exactly feel like going into details on everything, but my friends are amazing.