I Love the way You Hold me. In Your Arms I'll Always Be.

Why do I get so behind? I think I've come to the conclusion that I keep up with posts when there is drama going on. I find this ridiculous. Why would I do that? I know I'd like to hear more about the good times than the obnoxious crappy times. So here I go. With what? With a summary (at least the beginning of it) of what's happened since... March? Geeeez.
Honestly, I don't want to go back that far.... It'd be the longest post in the history of my blog, which I don't plan on breaking right now. That and the fact that it seems like so long ago. I like seeing the now... a lot more recently than usual, but we'll get there.
So. Last post about my history was Happy Times. And those were happy times, but by March, they rapidly went down hill. Long story short: I didn't receive my hug every day. Shoot, I went weeks in between each. He talked to me a lot less. What did he blame it on? Show choir, of course. But it was just me he couldn't make time for. He had plenty of time to hang out with the girlfriend I found out he had two days after he gained it, through facebook, too. It's almost amusing to think of what might have happened if I didn't find out... hmmm. Anyway.
This is terribly written. I'm out of it. Oh well. Continuing, anyway.
If anyone remembers me mentioning the guy I'm about to talk about next, kudos to you. You obviously have some kind of unrealistic memory seeing as the first and only time I have mentioned him in this blog was about a month after I started talking to him, which was over a year ago. The More the Merrier, Correct? is the name of the post and it only includes me premièring some of my friends' blogs on mine. When I had posted it, he was still working on making it. He did end up posting, but it was only once and it hasn't changed since (so he should go fix that!).
Anyway, the guy I'm referring to is Davis (aka Duhduhduhdavis). That is who that rather long poem is to. Do I expect you to understand everything in there? Not a chance. Knowing each other for a year has lead to some interesting conversations and we have our references. But that poem is our story, pretty much. I stayed up all night writing that poem. (Of course there was another reason to me staying up, but if I tried to explain every reason to every action, I could make a series.)
He was my go-to friend. We each had our turns of one listening while the other let it out. "Keeping my head on straight no matter what had been"
We lost contact around the time school started, but regained it before Thanksgiving break, only to enjoy a Thanksgiving break full of RPing. We're insane together. Lucifer and Aiden would have had many adventures if it hadn't have died.
Sadly, soon after, we lost contact again, but we restarted around the last month or so(?) of school, each of us having some personal difficulties. But we haven't lost contact since. We gained a 'label' after I sent him that poem the first day of summer. Needless to say, it's been one of the best summers yet. He's my blue and I'm his red. "You can't make purple if red doesn't have blue"

"Thank you for making my life the way it is now
If we try, I’m sure we can keep it up somehow
Cause I’m sure we both know I’m completely addicted
And I’d break down and die if you were evicted."