The More the Merrier, Correct?

I find it amazing how so many of my close friends have miraculously made a blog. Now, my closest friends, minus Latosha, have a blog. They are all previewed to the right. Each of them has their own slot. Each of them are great in their own form or fashion.

This blog belongs to Caitlin aka Cander. She's been my amazing friend ever since kindergarten. It's almost a surprise she's been able to put up with me all these years. It'll be 10 years knowing each other once this up-coming school year begins. The sad thing is, I don't even remember meeting her. I can only remember playing on the playground, acting like it was a ship as we sailed to far off places, or i the gym as we pretended to dig up dinosaur bones because we were archeologists.

AMP up Your Life
That's right! AMP it up! This blog also belongs to a long-time friend of mine. Oh, Amaryst and I were friends together with Caitlin before she had to up and move to a different school. I didn't see her for another five years, but when we ended up in school together once again in seventh grade, nothing had changed. We were still insane people who just so happened to be best friends.

Everybody's Mad Here
This pinkish blog belongs to a friend of mine referred to as Lizzy, to her mother's dismay - yes, it is the shortened form of Elizabeth. We've been friends since the start of seventh grade. It seems like yesterday I was introduced to her. If I recall correctly, it was a rough start, but she's a close friend of mine now. I've found myself going to her to talk to when I don't know who else to go to. It comforting. I know she can keep secrets, and I appreciate that.

This Blog is Called
This blog-in-the-making belongs to a guy I know as Davis. He's a recent friend, though. I've known him for about a month. He was close friends with many of my friends, so I decided I'd get to know him - that and the fact that Latosha wouldn't shut up about him. He's insane, but that fits right in with us. I really don't have a lot to put here due to the fact that we haven't know each other very long, but hopefully that'll change as the future months go by.

So those are my friends, at least the ones that currently have an active blog. Go check them out! They are all amazing.


  1. hahah :) thanks, beautiful :)))

  2. Hm. Idk how I put up with you myself xD jk love ya lots! :D


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