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I've premièred friends' blogs on here before, and I would like to update that now. There are actually a few I need to add to the list, but I am only going to post one here, because this person currently means a lot to me and it seems our blogs are only bringing us closer together. I have that to thank you for, Blogger.

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This is Amberleigh, also previously referred to as AJ.  She was in my science class in the seventh grade. I feel if it wasn't for her being in that class, we wouldn't be friends at all. We'd probably know of each other, but not really know each other. So thank you, Mrs. Waddell's science class. We've known each other for two years, now, and a lot has happened within them. We have had our ups and downs all the way through. It's almost unbelievable how much we've gone through. One way or another, there has always been tension between us like gasoline, waiting for the right thing to set it off. We would get over it, claiming everything was okay, but it honestly wasn't. We were just able to stand each other. But it wasn't until recently when we really bonded. She has moved away to Indiana and as I've had my blog, she recently made one herself. She also read mine. In reading each other's posts, I feel, has brought us closer together. She read 'My Uber Long Post of a Check up' and afterwards, we discussed issues brought up in it, discovering the guy we both seemed to love has actually been lying to the both of us-more than either of us would like to believe. He has moved away now too, all three of us in different locations. But also, in reading her blog, it has honestly led me to not only believe, but trust, that she really does love him. That undying love in itself gives me hope, although as of now, I'm not quite sure myself what it gives me hope for, but the hope is there. What I called 'obsessing' was her love, and I fully accept that, now. I feel that I have yet to feel love, but I am not rushing it. All the times I thought were love, I am sure of now were not, and she has proven that to me. For that, I thank you, Amberleigh. Thank you for being a friend I can trust. Thank you for being there with an open ear. Thank you for sharing things with me that I otherwise would not have known of - or the truth of. But most of all, thank you for being you. I love you.


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