Dearest Dentist,

As I sat in the lobby of the dentist's office the other day, I was privileged to be the only one there for about thirty seconds. Within the next two minutes, almost all the chairs - there were nine chairs - were filled. I took note of the order the chairs were filled, and the results came as no surprise to me. As one by one, teenagers sat down, they took every other chair to start with. Once those are taken, they look at gender or size. If it was a boy walking in, he would probably sit with the guys. I say probably because this has happened everytime I observe, except for the other day when a guy sat next to me to sit at an end chair instead of sitting between two guys that looked close to the same age. A younger child would walk in everyonce in a while with their parents. If their was only one chair with two empty chairs on either side, the parent would take the one farthest away from people and make their child sit beside them next to a stranger. I also noted that almost everyone had their cell phone out either texting or pretending to text. Everyone tried to aviod eye contact, no one looking at anyone else in the room. It was silent and no one made any attempt at conversation. The younger kids, however, would look around quite freely. There was nothing wrong with looking around. There was nothing wrong with talking. Nothing wrong with choosing a seat next to someone instead of having empty chairs on either side of you. Younger ones tend to be more outgoing than the older ones - in theis case, teens. I think it would be better if people were more like younger ones, and not feel akward as you waited not-so-patiently for a dentist to call your name so you can leave the stillness of the room, escape the tenseness.

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