Sarah Kirch

"I feel more apart of your past than any part of your future. It could just be the immense lack of communication that has shoved this feeling inside of me, the fact that I haven't seen you in almost half a year, or the dreadful combination of both, but it's there and it haunts me. I feel like I've lost my best friend as she's moved on to a much livelier place than Florence, Alabama, surrounding herself with new places and people, people much cooler than I, making the position I had here easier to fill there. I feel as if I've been forgotten, left behind. I miss being apart of your life and I miss you being the biggest part of mine. 
Shit, now I'm crying. 
I miss you, Sarah, and love you more than... I can't even think of anything closely comparable. There's no one I know that could ever come close to being able to replace you. 
I guess this is what it feels like when you want to be a part of someone who is out of your league. I feel so far away from you."

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