My Tripoly-Filled Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving this year even started off good. I woke up around eight-o-clock to get ready to go to church. The best part of that was the end. Luke Eckl and his family was there so I got to talk to him afterwards, which I enjoyed because he is a cool person{n} and I haven't talked to him in what seems like forever. then I headed home to prepare for my aunt Libby, uncle Ken and cousins: Brittany and Brandon coming in for our 10-o-clock breakfast. Nothing new and exciting there but the crispy bacon and pecan-loaded pancakes were awfully good. In between the time of 11 and 3, food was prepared, friends emailed, and cousins taught various video games on their request. Dinner was eaten beginning at three, chock full of all the turkey, stuffing, green-bean casserole (YUM!), potatoes, and cranberry sauce; all made from scratch, of course. Even though all the food was really good, I think my favorite part of the whole day (along with talking to Luke) was after all the dishes were washed and the table was cleared.
Our family plays a game that i am sure few have heard of, nevertheless played. It's called Tripoly. It is a mixture of three card games (hint TRIpoly): Michigan rummy, hearts, and poker. Though I don't know how to play those, I know how to play this. It is actually rather simple, but since there are so many ifs and little parts, it can get wordy to explain. but when our family plays it, the house fills with laughter and entertainment. About two rounds into it, I was paying for the next round and accidentally knocked over my mom's glass of wine and that caused a pause in the game for clean up. I had a paper towel cleaning up what had spilled onto the floor and all the sudden I hear "CRASH! I'M SORRY! I DIDN'T MEAN TO!!" I looked up and Brittany is standing in front of what once was a drinking glass and was now a broken mess of glass shards.
If you know anything about tripoly, then you might know what i mean when I say: play went around the table without one card being played because no one had a black card, which is rare. Not only did it happen once, it happened three times.
Brittany continuously called the jack, queen, and king of hearts: heart of jack/queen/king. It was really cute.
She also tried to crack the code to try and get into my computer account afterwards, which didn't work.
It was fun teaching my 5-year-old cousin Brandon how to play, too.
We enjoy the game so much, we lost track of time. (keep in mind we started playing at like 5) All of the sudden Aunt Libby was like, "Hey! It's 11-o-clock!" Jeremy said, "Hey mom! You have to be at work at 5:30 tomorrow!" So we finished the round we were in and then cleared it all away. (yes, we seriously played for 6 hours straight) The visiting family said their bye and left.
That was my Thanksgiving. I hope everyone else's was as full of laughter as mine.

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