It's Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Thanksgiving

I have had a bunch of family members come in lately for the Holidays. My Aunt Libby and her children, Brittany and Brandon, came in on the 13th and left that next Sunday. Then Aunt Irene and Uncle Fred-which I found out today are not just my aunt and uncle, they are my great aunt and uncle, which is exactly right-came in last Thursday and left that Saturday morning. Now I have a cousin named Blake that came in. He is in some branch of the military and he was in a sub and they docked in Georgia so he drove up here for a visit. He is already here, got here last night I think, but I haven't seen him yet. Unlike all the other relatives that are visiting this Thanksgiving, I don't really know Blake. I have met him before, but it was when I was really little, so I don't remember it at all, but I have seen pictures. He even added me on facebook. Haha. I think he is just coming over for Thanksgiving dinner which is going to be hosted by us at our house.

What I learned today:
Mice aren't as cool as some think

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