Love: a Word That's not as Small as Most Think

Love. It may be a simple-to-pronounce, 4-letter-word, but there is really nothing simple about it. It is a word that is thrown around like it is a simple four letter word with a simple meaning, but it really isn't. I hate it when people misuse it, too. And they don't know they are using it wrong, as well. There is really no true definition of the word. I don't even think websters has it exact-all 21 variations of it. It is so much more than "A profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person." (Webster's dictionary.com (first) definition of the word love) There are so many poems written and many songs sung, in efforts to describe it, but I don't think anything ever written, or to be written in the future, could truly describe it or the feeling you get when you've achieved it.
It's nothing you can hide or find.
It's nothing you can run to or from.
It's nothing you can misplace or replace.
It's nothing you can build or destroy.
It's a four letter word that is so easily confused.

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