The Before-Thanksgiving Christmas Concert

The FMS and FHS chorus department is having their Christmas Concert today at 7:30. It should be interesting... due to the fact that the two songs FMS sings with the high school, we barely know... I think she did that because she assumed the high schoolers would know it well and cover us up... Just wait... They won't know it either. Wouldn't that be interesting. Most of us don't know the 12 '12 days of Christmas' words and the first part of another section in the song. I can't tell you the words to it, cause I myself don't even know them... being a lead alto, that is kind of scary...

The eighth grade is singing a song by themselves. We are the only grade in FMS that is. And it is just the girls. No guys. No seventh graders. She started off doing seventh and eighth grade girls singing the piece. Since the seventh graders are new to it, they don't learn the song as fast and as well as the eighth graders can, because the majority of them were in it last year. When she heard how well it could be sung by the eighth graders and realized how far behind the seventh graders were compared to us, she cut the seventh graders out. So now, just us eighth graders are performing that song in the concert tonight. It is a very pretty song, as well. It is one of my favorite songs as well. When we started learning it, we all imagined it dark and mysterious and gloomy. Very "minory". The more we learn it, the prettier it becomes and it isn't as dark as we once thought it to be. It is a lullaby in a different language. I forget which language, though. It isn't a very popular language, either. The title of the song is "Durme, Durme" Sleep, Sleep, mother's little one, free from worry and grief. listen, my joy, to your mother's words, the words of Sema Yisrael. Sleep, sleep, mother's little one, with the words of Shema Yisrael is pretty much the translation of the words. it is supposed to be soft and sweet, which it definitely is. I guess the way we listened to it when we first heard it, after finishing singing "Shenandoah", a more depressing song, we associated it with that, giving it the erie feel. I guess if it was sung a little darker and some of the soprano parts taken out, it could be a depressing song...

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