The Mirage

It kills me how people go on with their lives as if they were just along for the ride, like it was some kiddie ride at a fair. A slow-moving,boring, nonchalant Ferris wheel. Ignorant to the real world that is right outside of their enclosed box they call a life. They have no idea how good their life can actually be. They say no to everything. They don't know how much fun it would be to go to the mall with friends or the movies, take pleasure insimple things in life. They are so caught up in all the bad in their life, they find no reason to try and have a little enjoyment in their life. Stop sitting at home, all the time, doing nothing. Add some pizzazz to your life. And"Be yourself. Everyone else is taken." Don't try to impress anyone with who your not. False impressions are hard to keep up.
Live your life.
What I learned today:
First impressions of people are definitely NOT what they seem.It might be the opposite of what everyone tells you. They say things like,"Don't trust first impressions cause they are never what they seem. People can turn out to be better than you think." Well, it can easily be the total opposite...

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