Taking A Time-Out

On the way back from the Thanksgiving meeting that my parents dragged me too last night, I sat in the back seat in a rather comfortable position, with my dad tuned into a radio station that played oldies and the GPS in the front telling us when to turn. I had my coat balled up as a pillow against the car door, and it did its job well. I closed my eyes, with the street lights overhead growing brighter and dimming back down as we passed between each one, and an old rock song from the 60s, 70s, and 80s, most of which I'd never heard, playing in the background. I didn't fall asleep, I actually had time in my oh-so-busy-life to stop and think about what all was happening in my life, because I rarely get time for that and it was nice to stop and think about anything and everything
I could also escape. Excape from the car and go wherever I wanted, and be with whoever I wanted. I sometimes wish I could fly away. Just fly away and escape this slightly messed up world and go to a better place where you don't have to worry about continuing to look over your shoulder to make sure you don't have a stalker that is going to poison your drink or stab you from behind one night when you are sleeping. No school work or homework to keep you awake at night and make your brain hurt. No parents looking over your shoulder and grounding you if you have below an 85. No annoying people at school trying to be cool and failing epically. Just you and whoever you want to be there with you. In a place you find peaceful yourself, because different people find different peacefulness in different environments.

What I learned today:
If you are sitting in the car when it is like 9:00 and dark outside, it is very difficult to write. But when I did and I looked at it in the light when I got home, it was actually okay. Ha! I can write fairly well in the dark.

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