Almost Like Skipping Class

Scholar's Bowl today was not so great. We had to do some thing that I forget the name of, but it was not fun. Questions were displayed on the over-head projector and we had to answer them and someone entered the answer into the computer and someone read the questions and someone entered the answer from the computer. Oh it was absolute CHAOS.! Everyone was blurting out answers and they weren't all the same answer so you had people screaming "B! B! B!" or "NO IT'S E! CLICK E!" But the Clicker has to listen to the captain because the captain has final word, so whoever the captain was was under a lot of presure. To put it lightly, we did horrible. We only got like 900 points. Last year's group had like a 11 hundred something points. It was mostly the (boy) eighth graders who were acting like complete idiots and calling out random letters when they have no idea what the actual answer is and when they did know the answer, we weren't listening to them because they had called out the wrong answer so many time. It got REALLY annoying. I think our best round was either when Allie Bond was captain, I was clicker, and Sarah K. was reader, or when Chris was leader (and Tanner D. was at computer and I swear was new to using a mouse pad). When he wasn't leader, he said a lot of incorrect answers, but when he was leader and sitting at the same table as Amaryst, Allie, Sarah, and I, he actually listened to the people at that table instead of calling out wrong answers, which was a good choice because a lot of the time, someone at our table new it, but since we were reasonable and not yelling to Timbucktoo to tell the captain that most likely sat a few feet away from you, our answers were unheard, though sometimes they got it right, when they got it wrong, it all very likely that at least one person at our table new it. So when Chris was captain, he heard us and surprisingly listened and gave those answers to the slow-mouse-moving-answer-clicker. And then afterwards... wow... afterwards was awesome. Amaryst and i were writing on our scratch paper and passing it back and forth. Max E. tried to steal it so we wrote a lot of random and awkward things on there because we were going to give it to Max to read and get weirded out about but time ran out and we had to go. We were writing all over that paper. Max wanted to read mine as well, but I wouldn't let him cause mine wasn't used for note passing. It had a passage from one of the books I am writing and I was showing it to Amaryst. I definitely did not want Max to see that. Not knowing what the book was about and having no background knowlege on any of the characters, he would be lost and confused. He would probably think I was writing about somebody and something that actually happened to me, which would be rather hard because the Hannah I know is nothing like the Hannah in the book, the Jorden isn't spelled the same as the Jordan I know, and I don't know a guy named Oliver… I don't even have a gay friend… as far as I know...

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