Kill me. I might as well be dead anyways.

To put it lightly, today was horrible.
The sadness I'd been feeling since Thursday worsened when I walked into the gym in the morning, hoping the person I might have lost might be there. But, the thought I had all weekend still prevailed. 
I'd lost him. 
He had told me before he left that he would be gone Thursday and Friday and if he wasn't back Monday, Sarah would tell me what had happened.
And since he wasn't there, Sarah told me what he had told her. A seven word excuse that left more questions then there had been to start with.
So after that suckish school day, I had chorus practice afterwards till 4:30. 
The seventh graders don't know the alto notes
or a half not from a rest.
Well. Some of the eighth graders didn't know their alto notes either so it got annoying being surrounded by soprano-note-singing-altos while I am the only one singing the right alto notes. You'd think they'd catch on..... maybe it is just that they are deaf.
full of attitude
seventh grade girls
Made the whole after school practice 
a pain in the neck.
All day I had wanted to go home and get on the computer and text the one person I really wanted to talk to. 
I when I tried to explain
all he did was laugh.
So all in all
My Monday sucked more than it usually does.

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