Calming Down

So, I have been getting better, after my complete breakdown. I have friends to thank for a lot of that. I'm sure most of them had no idea what was really going on. They tend to make my day without any explinations of my mental status. They are just like that. The group of them are genuinly happy people and they never fail to put a smile on my face. Which is one reason I can say, "I can't wait for school to start," and mean it. I am going to share classes with a few of my friends and I am going to enjoy the classes as well. Unlike our middle school, you have more controll over what classes you get. Of course you don't always get the one you want, but there are more classes to choose from. One thing I am not too happy about though, is their lack of arts. Photography? Nope. The only writing class they offer is creative writing and journalism. Screen plays? No. They do have chorus and musical theatre, both of which I am taking, and I plan on joining show choir. But other than the singing area, they lack in my interests. I would love to go to ASFA. There are plenty of reasons I should/could go. But the reason for me not going and the reason that my mom stands firm on, is that I'm 'to young to be away.' I'll be fifteen in January. Can a fifteen year old not care for herself? It's not like I am going to be living there alone, either. I would be at home over the summer and winter breaks. Maybe a weekend or two. It's cheaper for me to go there than live at home, even if you base it just on food. I'll get her to listen one day. Maybe she'll consider.

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