Fresh Start

Well, I new school year started today and I am still excited about it. I do plan on changing one class, but other than that, it's all good.
I woke up early. I woke up about twenty minutes earlier than I have to. I had my reasons of course. We had to read the book Jane Eyre over the summer. In all honesty, the book is very long and the first half of it is very boring. The last half, however is pretty interesting. If it were just the last 15-20 chapters as the book alone, it would've been an interesting book, but the beginning was so dull that by the time it becomes interesting, I am so full of the thing that I don't care what happens in it anymore and it begins to feel like it keeps dragging on. For those who have to read it who haven't yet, i'm not going to give any details, but Brontë just keeps adding to it to make it last longer and longer.
Well, I didn't get around to finishing it. I ended up having about 10 chapters left unread. So when I woke up early, I was on the Internet reading cliffnotes and summaries of the unread chapters, just in case there was a surprise something or another at school so the teacher could see if you'd read it yet.
After reading up and making last minute preperations, I headed for school, dressed in purple skinnies and a red, white, and blue splatter shirt, completed by a flower bow made out of zippers in my hair, converse that are beginning to show wear below the cuffs of my jeans and a colorfully checkered messenger bag slung over my shoulder. I walked into that school with the determination to start my highschool out right. I was going strive for exelence in every class and subject. I was well prepared for anything. As I entered each of my classes, chorus being the largest class I'm in, there was someone I knew well in all of my classes. That fact stood until I had to take a bus over to my seventh period class: Musical Theatre with Ms. Rockhill at the highschool. I had a hand full of people to associate myself with on the bus on the way over, but I found as I exited the bus and entered the highschool-the large school where the hallways are still unfamiliar to me- that I stood alone. As everyone else aboard the bus headed for French, I discovered that I was the only nineth grader to have musical theatre. Even though I knew little of the highschool's hallways, I knew where there chorus room was and since the class is taught by the chorus teacher, it was obvious that it would be in the same room. I walked in there with as much confendence as I could muster up. The fact of being in a room full of people that had known one another for however many years was slightly nerve racking. But I approached the teacher as she told me to and I told her my name.
Ms. Rockhill has a history with my family. Actually both of my parents had her as a teacher when they were in highschool, and I couldn't imagine them being anything but great in her presence, so I guess that does give me some form of step up. The good thing is is that she remembers them well too, which means they left some form of impression.
But it was very odd walking into that class but the people in there are really nice and seemed to have a few that took interest in having a new member, but not too surprised that it was only one.
In the end, I was proud if myself because I made it back to the bus. The peers that walked off to French didn't make the bus at all, but I am going to have to invest in a watch so that I can keep up with the time, due to the fact that I have to leave five minutes early to get the bus. And seeing as the only clock in the room read 5:10 when I walked in I am going to have to have some sort of personal time keeping machine. Because the teacher can tell me when to go the first few days, but even I would forget about it as the school year progressed and we did mote things. The hard part is finding one that I like. I never can.
So over all, I am very excited about this year and I am going to keep myself in check. It's pretty much part of my college application. And it would look good on the ASFA resume as well, if I convince my parents, that is.

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