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Blogger,I am currently sick of Blogger right now. Not blogging, just Blogger. They periodically make these ''updates'' and it usually they are simple and great. But when they change things around, like where things are located or even taking things out and grouping things together to the extent that you don't know where to find them, would you not be mad as well? I went to edit this dear blog of mine and during so, I noticed that the box under the posts (the star rating and comments)  are white. Why would I want a white box on a black and blue background. So, I searched to find a way to change it. If there was no way, I was simply going to take it off. But, if I can't even find where I put it on, because obviously it's moved, then how am I to go about changing it?
So I guess now I am going to rest my frazzled brain and come back to it later with a calmer state of being. Maybe I will find something on one of our new channels to watch. If not, I'm off to go practice one of the three routines we are learning in musical theatre. Afterwards I will return to working on my secret project. Yes, be curious reader. Be very curious.

oodga yeba!
(Pig Latin translation: good bye!
I think that just gave me the idea to write a post in Pig Latin.
It would be dedicated to the only one in my school who speaks it with me.
Yes. The idea has been bookmarked.)

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