I am really enjoying this school year. My first period class is chorus, which will always get me in a good mood to start the day, although my voice tends to be weaker in the morning. That's not too good, but I enjoy it. I have geometry second and although Caitlin and Allie are also in that class, due to the seating arrangment, I only have Kristen to assosiate myself with, which is perfectly fine. I then have English, which I am really excited about. The teacher, Mrs. Ozbirn, had commented on my writing by the third day of school, and I do have to say that it was rather exciting. She's given us our first real writing project which I am excited about and will explain in a later publishing of Battle Butterfly.
After I leave third period, I go to Biology. It's a new teacher. He seems like a good teacher when it comes down to it. He teaches well. From biology with Katrina, I then go to PE with her, Jackie, and Michael Nash. We have fun down there. And then off to lunch. Last year I had lunch with two people: Tamira and Lizzy. That was a boring lunch. But there are a ton more people in my lunch this time and it's great. And after first nine weeks, I am going to have fifty minute lunch everyday with all of my other friends, so it's definitely something to look forward to. I then have to leave to get the bus to the highschool for musical theatre with my lonely ninth grade self. It hasn't been as bad since we've started working on coming up with choreography for the songs. Before, it was a little creepy. Then back on the bus for World History at the freshman center with Blake and Allie. I love it.

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