Take a Deep Breath

A lot has happened since the last words I've posted on here and I think it's time for an update.
I considered posting three different posts, but decided against it. One long post with three different parts. Here we go.

Part One:

I was wrong...
About the whole maroon thing.
The last time I posted, my mind was elsewhere. I was insanely confused and rather hurt. I was trying to find one thing that could be an excuse for me to not have feelings for him.
After I've come up from a psychological fall like that, I've realized how I tend to come up with rash explanations and excuses. It can end up hurting me sometimes, especially when I act on impulses I'm unsure of, which one day I am bound to do. I'm surprised I didn't screw up any chance of being with maroon after what I'd said.
Because in a way, it did sting a bit after what he'd done, but I'm not going to go into that, as simple as it is.
I am in a relationship with him now, I feel obliged to say. 11.21.10


Part Two:

I've got choreography and music just about coming out of my ears and I think it's great.
The two upcoming events?

  1. Chorus' Christmas performance
It's our annual Christmas concert, but this year, we are throwing in a little more. Along with our regular singing of songs with the middle school, we are also (the high schoolers mainly (and by high schoolers, I mean the ones that are actually at the high school, not the freshman)) performing show choir type thing. There are fifteen songs (all fifteen songs are short and crammed into five sections, meaning there are about three songs in one, if you understand what I'm saying). Each of the chorus teacher's class periods are in different songs. Her first period class - the freshmen - is in three songs. I would only count one though, seeing as everyone is in the last two. That'll be a mess.
Although I do think it's unfair for the freshman to only be in one song (although I'm pretty sure it's two, but no one has taught the rest of the freshman, how the dance goes to that one. I could if she realized we were in it. I think she is considering taking us out of it), I do think we should be in more. Although, I only think it unfair to about the five to ten people that actually want to be in this show choir thing. The rest of the freshmen don't care. They expressed to me two weeks ago when the teacher wasn't there that they really didn't give a shit about what we were doing... which absolutely pisses me off. But whether the freshman are in one or two, makes no difference to me. I am going to be in five or six because of me being in musical theatre. I don't know what I'd do without that class. I would go insane, literally. It would completely drive me up the wall! That's why I am not going to be in chorus first semester next year. I will probably get my health credit first semester and do chorus second semester for show choir, depending on how much I like show choir this year.
But now I am just getting off track. That was for talking about the crap in chorus and our show, not what classes I'm going to be taking....

     2. School House Rock Live!

As of now, it is a complete mess. The people that are in it (and there are a lot) don't really care about it, so there are about twenty-five that are actually trying and going to all the practices. There are about fifteen songs, all from the original School House Rock that most people know from their childhood's (more adults than teens) We started out with fifty-two cast members. It has, as of now, dwindled down to a whopping twenty-seven. It is slowly coming together, though, which is reassuring.


Part Three:

Drama... again, but this time it isn't as bad as the last.
Of course it involves Cheyenne. There wouldn't be drama if it wasn't for her.
But I am not having anything to do with it.
Adrienne (A) is one of my new best friends... literally. She has pretty much filled the position Sarah had in my life before she went to ASFA. Let me say that no one can ever take Sarah's place, but everyone needs a close friend and that is what Adrienne is now since Sarah currently can't.
Anyway, Cheyenne knows A is one of my friends and that if she talked about me, A would tell me what she said. A told me this and followed it by informing me that she wanted A to tell me what she had said about me so I would "get mad at her and get in a fight with her".
I apologize for being the bigger person and not giving a damn (mind my language) about what people say about me. It just doesn't bother me.
She claims I am trying to 'steal' A from her although I've done no such thing. I don't drag people or say you can be my friend or hers. I have friends who are friends with people I don't like, but that doesn't bother me in the least bit. Just because I have a problem with them doesn't mean they have to.
She also claims I am not as tough as I seem. How that as anything to do with anything, I don't know, but hey, whatever.
Cheyenne thinks every guy that talks to her is flirting with her and that everyone who has ever sat near her likes her.
She told A she thought this about Michael as well. Then A told her he was dating me.
I don't think she gets it.


But there you go.
I'm sure there will be another update sooner than later.

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