If it Weren't for Bad Luck , I'd Have no Luck at All.

Although the weeks before this have been quite bliss, this week has been full of a mixture of surprising and depressing happenings.
Monday, I woke up with a sore throat. Thinking it was just some morning crap, I ignored it and went on with my life. The P.E. intern threatened to give write me up as well, though that was my doing. Coach Stanford - needless to say - irritates me a lot. Shoot, I'm sure a group of the girls in our P.E. class could sue him. He slapped me...bent Abby's finger back... and those are just things in our period. But anyways, the reason for my almost ISS, was that - for some reason - he believes I hate him. Hate wouldn't be the word I would choose, but it's somewhere around there. After pestering and bugging me and continuously asking why I don't like him, I finally told him upfront, "Because you're a d...idiot!", after which he pestered me on how he could write me up for calling a teacher an idiot. I had had to watch my mouth because I'd almost called him a douche. I don't think that would've mauled over quite as well. He finally gave up me saying, "I like your style. You don't care what other people think", before walking off to go bug Abby some more. To add onto that, we also had a soccer game that day at six, but I didn't know that at the time. So when my dad came home from work at 5:20 and asked us if we were ready to go, I was slightly confused. We held the opposing team out in the first half, but the "All players play [[at least 50% of the game]]" philosophy that AYSO established messed up my fathers game strategy when Lizzy and V showed up at half time. Obviously he had to play them the entire second half. Which, if he could've decided otherwise, was not the choice he would have taken.
Tuesday, I woke once again with a sore throat, though this time slightly worse then yesterday's. I hoped it would go away by the next day for the talent show additions. It was a calm day at school, thank goodness, for I was in no mood for Coach Stanford's mess. We got home late, so last minute I had to get my dad to download the song I  needed to have in order for the additions the next day. The song is "Right Here Waiting" by Richard Marx. I'd heard the song a long time ago. It seemed like a lifetime ago, but I heard a remake of it by a group called And Then There Were None and I recognized the song, mainly because I found myself recalling the words from my memory, but I have no idea where I'd heard it before. I can imagine myself around the age of six singing along to everything that came on the radio on the way to day-care or the grocery store with my dad. [[My dad has told me before that Jeremy and I, on the way to day-care, would sing the veggie-tale's theme song one hundred percent perfectly.]]
Wednesday the sore throat prevailed. If it wasn't for the additions, i would've checked out of school. I got dizzy in math class and really didn't want to go to the recycling center during science. The bus driver was one I've gotten before. I haven't had a lot of experience with a bunch of different bus drivers and I usually don't remember one from the other, but the one we got that took us to the recycling center was one I could never forget. We'd had him for soccer a few times and the moment you step onto his bus, you smell the cigarette smoke, which I think is ridiculous. Although he drove okay today, when I'd stepped onto his bus to head to soccer practice one day, I swear he swiveled and turned and about drove off the road somewhere around ten times. Although his driving was okay today, his timing was not. We were through with the tour and had to wait by the road for about five minutes because he had stopped at the Bus Barn that happened to be close by. I'm guessing it was to take a smoke. Thankfully the additions went well. I made it through even with the sore throat. I survived that bad luck, but it was I found out later that left me confused. There was a lot of commotion within the chats on facebook with my friends. A lot of information and confusion, some of which untrue.
Thursday I gave in and stayed home from school, not wanting to cause any disturbances in my mom's plant business to have to come pick me up half way through the day. At the end of the day, I found myself in tears. Misunderstandings and the threat losing people I loved overwhelmed me. There was going to be a fight and, talking to the two people on the lower end, I discovered, sadly, that they expected to die. They and I both knew that the others were serious. I tried to talk him out of it, yet nothing I said seemed to help. He seemed pretty ready to die in jail for murder. I found out where it was going to be and that I couldn't be there to help, but I wasn't going to do nothing whilst the ones I love go there and die. So I told the police. I had the feeling they'd end up hating me for it, but I had to. I'd rather have him hate me and be alive then  other things...
Friday I found out the best news I'd heard all week. The guy that wanted to fight my friends, the one who originally wanted to end up in jail for murder, had given in. I guess so many people had pestered him begging him not to kill the person. Then I discovered the person thats life was threatened wasn't going to be able to go anyway, I was relieved. I didn't want him to get hurt at all. That just made it better, although what he told me next made everything else that was going on easier, I'm not going to say what.

So although I did have a rather cruddy week, it got a little better towards the end, thank God.

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