Lost in my own world

I'd say it's pretty hard to get lost in your own world. Really, if you created it, getting lost in it would be the least of your worries, for with making it comes deciding where each path goes, hence it would be as familiar as the back of your own hand.
I guess it's when you add other people that things can get slightly confusing. For they have their wy of doing things. Their way of thinking. They could alter the path you'd thought you were taking and lead you to somewhere you wouldn't have been without them. Sometimes it can be a good thing, and sometimes not so good. And often, it can become very confusing. As to where you might've choosen a fork in the road and then thought about turning back, only to see the exit was closed. And you'd have to turn back around and head on. Trust me, I know how it can feel, and how difficult it can be, questioning past choices, wanting to go back, and not having the chance to because someone else has decided to travel that road. Even to this day, I want to run back to one particular choice I made about a year ago, though doing so wouldn't be the smartest thing to do. Although, I've been tempted to many times, someone else is traveling that road, and I don't want to interfere. I guess that's one I'll just have to wait and let it run it's own course and pray that someday I can get another chance.

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