about time

It's quite surprising how much good has happened in the last week or so. And not specifically applying to myself. Jeremy is now a state champion. Yes, figure that.
He attended a TSA conference with some of his other peers in Tuscaloosa at the  University of Alabama. He said there over 500 different competitions, all having something to do with technology. Jeremy was entered in the memorization event. In this event, the participants have to memorize the TSA creed. It is about six or seven sentences... and they aren't short either. In the first round, everyone entered has to write the creed. To move on to the next round, you have to write it one hundred percent perfect. No pressure, right? Well, among all the people participating in that event, only three made it to the second round. Jeremy happened to be one of them. The next day was the second round, in which they had to recite the creed to be scored. The highest scorer, no duh, won. Jeremy made one mistake, but beat his opponent by one point. Yes, Jeremy had become number one in something... about time....

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