Third. Second. First Fridays

My summer literally consists of:

A small vacation
First Fridays

So which of these is my favorite? First Fridays, hands down! It's the only time I get to see my friends most of the summer because of my job. Don't get me wrong, camilla-sitting is a blast, but I live for my friends and my life wouldn't be as insane if they didn't exist.
First Fridays is a function that they have downtown all the way down Court street that happens the first friday of every month. Vendors line the blocked off street selling home-made items from bread (The ginger, bread man) to jewelry, to sock monkeys. Music is provided by local bands and artists on Mobile St. 
So, my ridiculous friends and I always meet at the same place at the same time every first friday and begin our adventure, idly wandering the streets, conversing and trying to keep up with everyone. Where to first? Well, we've pretty much made it tradition to go to Freds. Random, right? of course! But we have too much fun! I'm surprised we haven't gotten kicked out yet. It's always something new because every time we go, there will be a person there that wasn't there the last time or someone not there that was the last time.

Davis is being an Asian spy while Caitlin and I are hiding in the
tissue isle... literally.
"Get your camera ready and get her reaction" -Davis
I think he could pull that off, don't you?
Skipping down the isles
Latosha's showing off.
Epic. Noodle. War. Enough said.
It was July first! We were in a patriotic mood.
What's more patriotic than a parade?
Adrienne bought pudding. Lizzy bought straws.
Why not?

So after we complete our adventure in the great store of Freds, where do we venture to? Why not Wilson park? It isn't a part of First fridays, but it's semi-empty and it's much easier to keep up with our group where there are less people.

Sibling power!
Red ringpop. Blue ringpop. We are purple.
Ask Caitlin, we are master hoola-hoop partners.

When it comes down to it, we really don't pay too much attention to what al goes on at first fridays. It's pretty much just our excuse to go hang out downtown together. We're awesome like that.
So why have I just now thought of sharing this wonderful event? Because today is Friday, the first one in August. This First Friday will be the last one before school starts and I'm completely excited about the beginning of school. I absolutely love my schedule and my friends that fall into that schedule. The only way it could be more perfect is if Davis shared a class with me, but him being in the grade above me makes that rather difficult to obtain. But that's what the five minutes in between class periods are for, duuhh! Yes, I'm excited. Probably more than I should be, but I'm looking forward to our annual musical and show choir and sharing a musical theatre class with some people I adore (that are in my grade this year!) Looks like it's going to be a fantastic sophomore year.


  1. Uhmm. Are you hearing this thunder? and seeing this lighting? Ughh. I doubt my Mom's gonna let me go now. ):

  2. And how do you change the post's font? I only have the basic ones on the draft part.

  3. You go to the same place you changed your background. Drat.blogger.com>arrow beside the home pic>template>'customize' live on blog>advanced tab>page text>choose font (: It'll make it your default and when you go to make a new post (or edit old ones) you put it on default font and it'll be whatever you set it as(: you can also change the font color from that tab as well. Experiment. That's how I got to where I am now. Hahaha
    And when it started raining Friday afternoon, i was crushed. Legit. But it cleared up jussst before 5 so I was able to go. Wouldn't have wanted to miss it. It was incredible as usual!



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