Final Friday

Originally, I was going to go straight into talking about how rather excited I am about school starting, but that was before I decided to attend something before then. So, I thought I might as well go in order.
So where am I going before Monday that deserves to be written about?
This little bluebird is attending a mixer: something I never thought I would ever say.
A mixer is a party that the sororities at our school host that mixes all the grades together. It’s like a huge dance party. And I’ve been terrified of them ever since I'd heard of them. Why? Because I have heard of bad things happening at mixers but I didn’t know what was true and what were rumors. I suppose I was just afraid of the unknown. Until Monday of this week, I have been scared to go to one, but Latosha finally convinced me to go to the start-of-school one today. I let in on one condition: Davis’s attendance. I don’t dance on/with people for no reason and I don’t dance ‘on’ people in general. I really do have a level of modesty. I’m not up tight but I have standards and things that I won’t do or won’t associate myself with people that do. I told her that I  won’t be attending any more after one of them goes terribly wrong or becomes ridiculously inappropriate.  It starts in about thirty minutes, but I felt I needed to go ahead and get this in here before hand. Of course, I’ll probably have something to write about it afterwards.
It’s weird not having anything to say about drama. It’s nice at the same time, too. But, it means there will probably be less writing from me. Maybe, maybe not. Depends on school which I'll have to talk  about later, seeing as I  need to exit the house soon.
Gonna go party.
Oh goodness..

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