I'm a Vampire

I know I'm in need for a gigantic update once again, but I don't have the time nor energy as of right now. Your update will come, that much I can promise, but to give you a... teaser, I suppose, might be appreciated. So with no hints, clues, or background info, here is your teaser.

I know that we don’t have a label quite yet
But there’s something between us, that much I can bet
The way your smile can trigger mine in return
The way your feelings have always been a concern
It was friendship at first, at the very start
Little did I know then, you’d be gaining my heart
We’d talk for hours, with only a photograph
‘Cause we’d only seen each other like one time and a half
You were important to my well-being, even then
Keeping my head on straight no matter what had been
You gave me opinions when I couldn’t form my own
You comforted me, kept me from being alone
Then summer faded and school time began
Our lack of communication got way out of hand
It’d pick up for a moment, but it wasn’t the same
I didn’t know my twin, and school was to blame
Thanksgiving rolled around, and didn’t we take charge?
Late nights RPing were taken at large
Reconnected a tad, but still not complete
Hearing little from each in the months with no heat.
My life was okay, but something was missing
I had plenty of chores to act, dance and sing
Still I was missing the guy that got me through a lot
Missing the friendship no amount of money could have bought
So contact we gained and from there it went forth
Starting up our friendship of endless, endless worth
Sure, it started out slowly, but soon it was habit
I realized then how well I had it
Through wall posts, skype, texts and all
We’d talk late at night till sleeping would call
But even then, I’d go to bed happy
‘Cause feelings were growing, but not only for me
Still then I wasn’t sure
I hadn’t forgotten him; nor you, her
But after the first Friday spent down town
A new priority, I’d officially found
Our school summaries had the idea included
Without telling the other, we really had clued it
But technology proved to be a lousy alliance
And our nights depended on the faulty appliance
Maybe it just wanted to give us our base
But that’s not an idea I’d like to embrace
Late nights are something we’ve always shared together
And I guess we’d assumed it would last our forever
But even in my nights spent all alone
It’s nice to know, sometime that day I’d flown
Because you lift me up, above cloud nine
And give me these feelings I can’t define 
You can fall and know I would catch you
‘Cause there is no purple if red doesn’t have blue
Thank you for making my life the way it is now
If we try, I’m sure we can keep it up somehow
Cause I’m sure we both know I’m completely addicted
And I’d break down and die if you were evicted.

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